Cherry Run Librarian

A book is due when you are through, if you are not through in two weeks please renew.

The library is open at all times during the school day for reference and circulation.

Library books at Cherry Run Library belong to the students and staff. Students and teachers take turns checking out the books. During the time that the book is checked out, the user is responsible for the care of the book. If a book is lost or damaged during that time, we bill for the replacement cost of the book. If a book is lost and then found after payment we will gladly refund the money. Every effort is made to locate lost books before payment is requested. Payment for lost books should not be sent until a bill is presented. We would always rather have the book than the money.

Checkout limits vary by grade level:

  • Kindergarten to 1st Grade - one book
  • 2nd Grade to 6th Grade - three books


Students in grades one through six may visit the library every day for checkout and renewal.

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